QBHT was founded in 2006 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our company is now amalgamates a group of around 100 web designers, web developers and experts in online marketing and advertisements that convey modified web solutions personalized and custom- made to your industry requirements.

QBHT bring valuable and successful personalized web solutions modified to maintain your managerial objectives, which will definitely enhance the competence and will help to perk up and progress your outcomes.
QBHT has already advanced the profitability and competence of greater than the 1000 of industries running their business in this field and also boasting the country’s one of the best customer collection. The customer portfolio includes some of the globally largest brands, competent banks, non-profits organizations, multi-national companies and some other SME’s from different regions and industries.

The Industry Leader

QBHT constantly outperform its competitors in Google for the searching terms, such as web designing, development, online marketing etc., each is relevant to our industry. Google has ranked our website page on sixth position, which is to the lead of some of our greatest and finest competitors. QBHT has rated one of the highest customers getting website. What we are doing, no one is getting this much rank in our country therefore, some of them are also claiming about the Google ranking system.

Our Proven Technology and Experienced Team

QBHT clearly understands that in today’s difficult and multifaceted business atmosphere, achieving a secure, safety positions with great power, and as a business leader is very important from the global perspective. As a convincing and trustworthy web partners, QBHT amalgamate the best web designs outcomes, web development and one of the important and useful techniques i.e. SEO that will help your business to reach the higher level or the next level. Our digital marketing experts will apply some influential marketing approaches that include web designs, e-commerce, email marketing, e tailing to guarantee a proficient customized web solutions.


Our Project Design, Analysis, Planning and Strategy

When raising your personalized and modified web solution, we first think of all the factors that will manipulate and power the success of your online marketing campaign. Basically all the online marketing need something or some type of strategies through which you can hold upon in the marketplace, and these include your industry, business type that what sort of business are the company is using?
Product type, is the product is unique or not?  Target market that, who are the people targeted by the company? Customer preferences and market behavior.

QBHT identify the significance of the proper study, planning and the strategies, through which the project designing and development would be possible by any means.

Our Customer Service

QBHT are responsible enough to take care of all the web solutions related to the marketing which is done online on the target basis, or we can say that the limited marketing. Each client in this is an e-business team. A team includes all the members who are responsible for running all the activities like, SEO expert and a manager. Manager is responsible for all the help and support given to the client, all the way through the web design and development segment and at till the time of your partnership with the QBHT.  We provide the best services to our customers to maintain the relationship with them, so this is our one of the best strategies, which makes us to lead in all other companies. As a web solutions company, it is our full responsibility and it’s our objective too, that we provide a good customer services related to the online marketing, web design and development, or SEO companies.


Our World Class Techniques

QBHT applies the excellent online marketing techniques designed to move ahead businesses in the online marketplace. We provide one of the best techniques that are Web Magnet technology that nobody else’s is providing this type of technology. QBHT’s Web Magnet patented solution goes away from the web design and development industries, which are the most sophisticated SEO techniques, and amalgamate our exceptional and distinctive state of search engine-marketing formula.

By providing our state of art SEO technologies, we assure you that your website will achieve the higher and top search engine rank for the most searched keywords, which will have the great outcome and  will surely maximizes the traffic and quality will lead too.

Our Comprehensive Range of Services

QBHT has a wider-range of products and services, for your business enhancement. As World Wide online marketing leader, QBHT provides quality web design, web development and SEO techniques. Our online marketing company can customized your website with different packages of the email marketing, e-commerce, Mobile marketing, online videos and the most common and important is the internet security that is the biggest issue in all other websites.
If you need any sort of help regarding the QBHT, that what QBHT is providing and offering to our customers, you can contact us on +971 50 466 34 36