What are traffic Exchange Websites

Traffic Exchanges are simply a brilliant idea in the past and I do not agree with search engines. Just because Traffic exchanges want every visitor to go through their website or more properly search engine does not mean traffic exchanges are bad.

Big Search engines like google say they are websites which generate fake clicks and are harmful.

It seems to me that whatever we have to do in our lives should be through google imagine how many fake clicks we get from google if we give our ad in adwords.

So are traffic exchanges good ?

No unfortunately they are not unless you have a way to fight with google and other search engines. Advertising in these websites not only harms your reputation in google and alexa but will also get your website penalized from some major search engines.

We will be seeing
a) What are referred and direct clicks b) How gogole sees your traffic
c) How alexa Sees your traffic

And finally you have to come out of your comfort zone and take some steps and help from a little tool.

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