Creative Design

When we talk about any company the design or the structure represents the company, so in short the design is very important ingredient for the company. Creative design means a unique and different design which anyone else’s doesn’t have. For that numbers of designers are hired in the company according to their skills.

Once a company launched a brand with all of the ingredients in it, it should also be portrayed to the customers through the use of both print and digital advertisements.

Website Design:
Web sites are the most important and essential or we can say that it is the proper channel for the product awareness and launching part from everything in product launching product design and its approach is one of the great sources of importance in the company’s eye’s company should understand the interaction strategy before they reveal the creativity to the world. Basically this is the mixture of sounds rationale, creative, and technical expertise who are responsible for all of our future success or who ensure us to bring a blasting change in the product consumption. Skills and technologies which are needed for the web designs include typography, page layout, quality of code, visual design, user experience design etc. A designer should also know that how much content should be added to the websites because now a day’s people are no more interested to read the paragraphs if it has no effects or pictures in it. The content which is added to the websites should be relevant, easily understandable with simple language and also have some interesting and catchy things added to it so that people take interest in reading the material ad also show their interest by online purchasing. The company or the designer should also fix the resolution according to the screen, the font size should be medium which can be easily readable to everyone.Not only this but also the designer should breakdown the menu card in to 5 – 10 pages that will sum up the content pages and people will also don’t face the difficulty to read that.
For example, mobile purchasing is increasing more through the websites searching. People search the mobile phones prices, features etc on the websites so all the information clearly given to the customers on the internet so that they can purchase the product by approaching the websites.

Digital Design:
There was a time when people use the paper printed brochures but now the things are very different from the previously used things. Now a day’s everything use on digital machine. Page peeling is now taken over with largely functionally and more content is covered with media live links and search. Video’s can be broadcasting lively on youtubes, googles or other sharing channels. Almost now everyone is using emails for the marketing purpose. Mail tracking is one of the ways to interact with the customers to grab their attention by providing the interesting information, if the company do not do so, then sooner or later the competitors will grab and capture the customer’s attention in their own way. if we take an example of that most of the time we get so many junk emails in our hotmail and different accounts, these all emails are just came from the different companies, who usually give some interesting information or some subliminal messages to the customers through which an arousal takes place in the viewers and they start using that websites. Usually that emails contains the links of different websites to promote the individual business so that the other competitor would not get in to it.
Now a day’s people usually prefer to listen songs, music and watching videos online by broadcasting it on different websites , these all would be possible only because of the digital designer who makes them possible by making an edited pictures, sound tracks, and also work on them for better results reached to the users.3D and 2D animation is also the part of the digital design and graphic designers are still working on them and now a days we also have the 5D animated videos.