What is dedicated server?

A server that's hosted by a corporation and solely permits one company to lease and access it's known as a fervent server. it's "dedicated" to the one consumer and isn't shared with the other shoppers. Dedicated servers typically enable the consumer to decide on what package is put in thereon and what sort of hardware. In some cases, as AN add-on service, the hosting company can give administration services for the consumer, liberating the consumer from having to fret regarding it.

In most cases, the hosting company performs most, if not all, of the upkeep on the dedicated server, as well as package updates and updates to any put in applications, observation of the server and applications, firewall maintenance, intrusion detection, information backups, disaster recovery, and variety of alternative maintenance services. The hosting company conjointly employs strict security measures to safeguard their clients' information and adjust to all security policies and audit tips.

shoppers typically pay a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee to use a fervent server, which might economize over hosting, maintaining, and managing their own servers on-site.