E-Commerce or Online SHOPPING

Electronic commerce is a type of industry where people use to buy and sell products via internet or other networks. All products and services are now available on internet. Electronic commerce include mobile commerce, fund transferring, online transactions etc. E- Commerce is basically related to the business world wide and all the transactions methods are use in this. Businessman can easily promote their products and services online and sells it globally through online marketing.

E-commerce can be divided into:

  • Shopping carts
  • Online catalogs
  • Virtual mall
  • B-2-B business
  • C-2 –C Business

Business applications

Basically it is the business, or the transaction which is made online. It also involves the information carried and receives by the other countries or we can say that it is the way to transfer the information globally all around the world via internet. It covers a large number of different websites like auctions websites, retail business, online music websites through which people can easily download their music. Not only is this but now a day trading also takes place online among the different companies. E-commerce made the possible for the corporations to exchange their commodities online, which has no distraction of time limit either don’t have, any barriers.

Electronic commerce has hastily and speedily increased the online growth. If we forecast the future of the e-commerce we can clearly see the clear picture of increasing rate of online marketing which is very rapidly increasing through different web sites, and people can easily avail this opportunity all around the world by only sitting and placing orders online. E-commerce is very faster, expedient and affordable for every one rather than the barter system which was followed earlier or we can say that in last five years.

To maintain a profitable and successful online marketing or e-commerce a person should be well aware of everything and the rules regulations of the online business. To promote the business of the individual a person should also first search and thoughtful considerate the procedure and process of implementing the business.

What do you need to have an online store and what exactly is a shopping cart?

Now a day we can see that people are very busy in this fast world, they even don’t have time for their own. So for resolving this problem business man’s are now making this way available and convenient for the people to shop online by making purchases of goods and services. They are making the strategies how to grab the customer’s attention towards the sites? So they track customers on their own way by the help of e-commerce. Shopping cart is a software system through which people can easily order, and purchase anything online by tracking and visiting different websites.

How do online shopping carts differ from those found in a grocery store?
Online shopping cart differs from the grocery stores in many ways but one of the most important aspects which we can differentiate is the time management. Online shopping cart is very easy and convenient for the people, they enter on and online store, there are the list of products with prices and their information, they can choose the product which completely fulfills their requirement they can place it in a shopping basket and make the transaction by clicking the checkout and payment button.


It is very important for the customers to take information before get in to any fraudulent business or purchases. So before placing the order and make purchases online the customers should work hard to get the information of the prices and products. They should not rely on only one website or the benefits that the individual businesses are promoting just to get the more and more customers. Customers should try to ask questions, do research visit different websites so that they can take better decision before placing the order or purchasing any goods and services. Usually people do that they don’t visit any other websites and purchase the goods and services what their friends and colleagues suggested them. In this way they get the product which has no life time or which is not durable and also they paid for that product a high amount. Before doing an online shopping people must have to go through and search different websites, because so many times product is also differing in their prices and quality. But on whole if we see “E-Commerce” made the life easier for the customers in this busy life.