Managed Hosting

No more issues with dedicated managed hosting. 24 hours support.

What is Dedicated Managed Server

With dedicated server hosting, Hostbasket reserves a complete server just for you. You will get total access to the server (administrator rights) and you can use and manage the server according to your own needs.

Via Remote Desktop (Windows), SSH (Linux) or a VPN connection, you can manage the server remotely. You can also configure the firewall yourself. Hostbasket installs the operating system and any other software you want. You can also install any additional software later yourself.

Professional APPLE HOST

We use Mac Pro for better performance and high security.The new OS X Server brings even more power to your business, home office, or school. It’s remarkably easy to install, set up, and manage. And new features make it faster than ever to download software across your network.

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    Linux Server

    The reason why a client would wish to use this type of service can be understood by what the client needs from the server. If their website(s), service(s) or application(s) require complete access to the resources of the server to have full efficiency, then a dedicated hosting plan is the best option to be used. A client may also wish to have the security of not having their website, data or databases shared with other accounts which may be compromised by hackers or viruses on a shared server.

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    Mac Server

    Companies may also wish to provide their consumers, visitors and users of their website with unobstructed access by providing all available resources as needed rather than being limited to what is available in a shared partition. With this option, users will also not have to worry about their information being leaked out via server configuration errors and other such possibilities.

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    Windows Server

    The dedicated hosting option will also provide access to choosing the operating system which is most appropriate for the company to use for their specifications. Depending on the dedicated server host, the ability to have full control over which operating system can be used may be possible through their services.