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Multimedia can be easy and fast way!

Multimedia is channel of interacting or representing the information through, CDS, kiosk usually in a very interactive way. As far as concern about the television they use the non interactive form. Lot of different ways is using to make an interactive communication in the production to make the brand more aware about the people and more the brand conscious people will. Now a day’s people are using this as a profession. So as a skilled in the media world, a person should be well aware and know about the use of text, images, or information in different sources like video, audio, animation , pictures, sound tracks, music etc. He should have the command over the computer applications and computer related digital and sounds techniques. Now we differentiate between the interactive to non interactive form of multimedia designer.

  • Interactive Multimedia Design

    Interactive multimedia design is one of the major and interactive designs now a day’s people are using, these all includes different fields like work on the stalls, hut, cabin, stand, interactive CDs, apps, and online websites design. Sound track in which music, videos, sound system, animation, pictures, images, and different sort of things are covered in the design output. The system includes other activities apart from the Audio visual design, they navigate with the people in such a way that people have the choice that which content and material they should prefer and when it would be implemented. It is the company job to hire such an skill multimedia worker who has all the knowledge to tie binned all the key elements of media through which a better outcome will come to an end from the users end and they take an interest in the information by seeing all the images, text, animations and other key elements of multimedia affects in it.

  • Non Interactive

    Non interactive output can be broadcasted through the web sites and televisions. Different advertisements, websites that using different software like adobe flash players, etc is the best way to communicate through a non interactive way. Presentations given by different people in the company or usually the multimedia skilled workers mostly work on such software’s like Microsoft, spss, adobe photoshops,power points, WordPad, video conferencing etc. Most of the time business people use transparencies in their presentations. If we see on the internet we can see that for certain and specific videos we have to download the flash players so on internet these are the non interactive form of using multimedia.


    To become a perfect non interactive multimedia user a person should have the full command on that, his work should be accurate and should be error free. When a person see a picture he should feel it and apply on his own picture and see it how will it be appear after finishing. Person should be good communicator to express their emotions. Feelings and ideas through different pictures. He should be able to work and co ordinate with one another. Every company need the worker who completes their tasks on their deadline time’s person should polished their skills time to time to be more error free and also understand their arts so that their outcome will be useful.


    Multimedia designing is now a day’s very common in everywhere, in schools, colleges, universities, offices, multinational companies etc. Everywhere now a day’s competition is very high so every individual is competing with another to get the position globally. Multimedia is very common now a days in the presentation point of view. Video conferencing, PowerPoint presentations all would be possible by using multimedia because it has the good effects to express the individual ideas. Multimedia is heavily used in the entertainments and arts industry especially for the special effects in the movies and animations. Through multimedia applications, users can actively take part in multimedia activities while sedentary sitting by passive recipient so that they can interactively participate and feel fresh. Multimedia is intended to enhance the user’s experience. For example the fastest way of expanding the information from one place to another. Now a day’s children also play the multimedia games may be on physical environment with different or multiple users in an online network or may be locally with an offline computer.