What is online marketing?

Online marketing is very common now a days, every other person is market his or her product online via Internet. What is the concept behind this? What is marketing? First, we really need to understand the word marketing. Marketing is all about to satisfy the need and wants of the customers. 

Needs and wants can only be satisfy by providing the good quality of product and better services as in comparison of the competitors. Online marketing is same as the marketing that is manually done in the marketing but only difference is, that this marketing is done on the Internet. People do not want to go to different shops. They can online place an order and purchase different products and avail services. Online selling includes all the things such as cars, flowers, gifts, groceries, etc. Everything is now available on the Internet. Buying and selling procedure all made through the online marketing.

 They both are same marketing which is done on Internet. Online marketing is now very common that it is available in so many different languages, but most common language, which is international language, is, English. So most of the websites prefer English language. English language is the easiest way to convey anyone’s message about anything, they use this language because they are focusing or targeting certain groups but they are promoting their websites to all over the world people. This online marketing is a channel through which an individual can buy things from far away a country via Internet ordering and placement. This also brought a SEO, Online marketing also brought the SEO, advertisements for different brands and products, their features everything. 

Advantages of Online Marketing

There are so many advantages of the online marketing if we think out of the box, that it is not only restricted to the certain places but it is easily available and accessible to all around world. There is no time limit to buy and purchase things online, no day and night concept, you can purchase and avail products any time from home or office or wherever you are, but it only requires the internet connection network.

There are different websites available on internet, which is promoting the products and sell their brands and products online so people have so many option to collect the information about their satisfied needs of the products, they can compare their prices, requirements, quality etc. Online marketing gives the vast space to the people so that they can easily avail this opportunity of purchasing products online which also benefits the individual by reducing their transportation expenditures and also it reduces the wastage of time they used to take in buying things from the shops. Now days, if we see there is a huge competition among the people, marketers. 
How online marketers compete with each other. We can clearly see this completion among their same products prices and their qualities. Some use the strategy of giving different benefits like they give a deal or extra benefits so people go for the discounted and inexpensive things via online marketing. Usually people look for the quality things at low cost. As this online marketing is drastically increasing it clearly shows the increasing power of the online marketing, may be the future of this online marketing is bright and maybe there will be no more shops and no wastage of time in this fastest world.

Disadvantages of Online Marketing

Where there are so many advantages then on the other side, we also see the disadvantages of the online marketing. The main and the important disadvantages are the insecurity and privacy issues. Online marketing is widely spread throughout the world and globally so there are more ways to increase the swindling and defrauding. When the people purchase online then they have to do the payment for that online which is again an insecure for the people to do.  So transactions also done through fraud, so there should be authentic, well-known, and trusted sites, which should be promoted and people should try to visit those sites only.