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Special feature on social media design and development

Why Social Media Need Design

Social media design is a promotion of any company through different well-known websites. If we see on different websites, let us take an example of the face book. So many companies usually show their followers and customers who like that websites, like 10,000 likes, or 25000 followers etc. This shows their popularity, but they do not measure and tell the exact amount of the valuable and loyal customers. Social media design is just to enhance and maintain the relationships with the different customers. Web design is an agency that has numbers of experts, who just figure out the brand loyalty and quality leads. They are basically responsible for all the work, they work at back end, that when a product should develop, how it would be nurture , these all would be possible by making different social media strategies, through which they promote a specific product.


Social media is very beneficial for the companies as well as the customers. There are thousands of followers, who are actually the loyal customers, but only if the companies would be sincere with them and they think if they care about them. When the companies grab the customers, by giving to fill some questions or participate in different activities, and after that give their views and feedbacks, then they would be more sincere customers and they will be more willingly like and spend in your companies, rather than only collect all the information about your product and inactively switch to other products and companies. To build the relationships with so many customers, a company should take so many steps and they should try to make some strategies. As if they should post some pictures of winners, they should start some activity-based contest; they should ask the individual about some interesting stories of their personal life, they should also share their material, which is gathered by their fans. These all are the tactics behind this media design. Web design experts has experience this and learned this, that the clear picture and trusted information should be given to the customers, about their products and services, they should not expect the return of this. For example if there I a company who sells the product of making different hand made products, they should try to give one or more idea to the customers, so that they take an interest in that and sell their products.

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    Usually customers get attracted to the websites who serves the best service product with quality, as well as they also offer some benefits and rewards to the customers in form of the coupons, tickets, small gift hampers, etc. By giving these perquisites, a company grabbing their customers to check the updates and in this way the followers will do not miss this chance and visit their websites on daily basis. Web design is very much responsible for the feedback process; a long-term relationship can be maintained if they took the customers feedback about their goods and services. If they are providing the products and services, they should also bear the customers point of view and should try to work on it.

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    However, before placing and updating different products on different websites, a businessperson should definitely first think about the consequences afterwards. By focusing on human nature a technologies should take step, that if we make and create something than either it would be valued , satisfy and utilize by the people or not, but companies usually don’t think out of the box and faces a lot of problems afterwards. When we talk about the designing about the social behavior, than it is not only to satisfy the humans need but also to understand that why people are switching, why they need changes in the current things.

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    To change the people psyche is one of the very difficult tasks; if things do not go in their well direction definitely, people would change their mind. People usually do not use any new or upcoming product or services in the websites, why it is so because they set their mind previously that the product they are using is much more likeable and quality product either the new one is much better and looks great.
    Example people already have set their minds of the SMS, which has all the advanced technologies like Google so people do not try something else.

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