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Web development as an industry

A few years back, people were rarely aware about the power of online business. But now everyone around the world is selling their products and services online and in this way, the web development industry is fastest, and is rapidly promoting peoples businesses day by day.

Web Applications

In today's world, people have so many platforms and other resources to choose from for use on the web. We can take an example of free downloading which is available on the Internet and people can make this opportunity available free of cost; for example Linux, Apache, etc. In this way people can learn more about web development online for a minimum charge.
People can easily use software which is available online like Adobe, Microsoft, etc., and can easily learn to create web pages, and they can learn online very basic elements of web development. Different programming languages are required to learn web page construction, but the basics can be learned by the individual by using hypertext markups, using different software, etc.


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    Developers are very essential and important part of any business in promoting the business, they create the logically and place their models behind the application. They are more conscious about their words or content show on the screen rather than the display pictures. These are the people who have the responsibilities to design the web page in such a way that important or necessary information they take out of the box and process the information on their pages related to the business.


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    Business Analysts

    Basically the business analyst are responsible for the content on the website that how much the word limit should be shown on the website to some extent they are also work for the layout , these are the people who work with the developers and final results are presented by these people by the mutual working.

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    Web Designers

     Designers are the people who have the great responsibility to give the final and the end result and look to the website, the final touch we can say. They do all the visual, graphical work animations, pictures, images etc. and HTML code also. The designers who give a great look to the websites give final presentation.

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    Administrators are the responsible for running the websites. They are responsible for all the activity done by the users on that web page. They are also work for the site maps like URLS. They decide that which resources should be accepted with the extension of  “html”.

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    web applications

    Software’s made life easy of different web applications developers, such as symphony usually called web application dynamics. They are of great use; they usually give the opportunity to create a better application development by allowing the developers to concentrate on the necessary parts of the application, which are necessary to their aims and objectives. So that they really don’t have to face the common issues like management.

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    Framework also includes the Facebook hackers like security issues on the Internet. These are applications used by the hackers, which caused errors in the programs. So to resolve these types of error there is some application of internal operating system but these applications are not viable fit in to the models now days.

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