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Web Development Service

after you design your website if you wish to change images and contents by yourself it's time to add Content Manage System so you request to development your website. we program an admin part for your site so you will be able to login and change images and contents however in this part you can have some activities like accounting, auto response to your clients, memebers area and lot of more facilities.

Web Designing

What we understand through web designing, it all about showing your creativity of content or presentation to the worldwide users by using web browsers or other software’s. If we want to learn the web design we should learn so many programming languages. Examples, html, JavaScript etc. people now a day’s get opportunities of free lancing online market in which they can make their ways to do web designs online because online jobs demand for this web designers. Now days this opportunity of web designing are giving to every individual where every individual can show his or her creativity or skills online worldwide.

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    Members Login

    if you have memebers login you will understand who who visit your site and what he/she do in your site however you can give your users many facilities like visiting pages that normal visitors can not see that pages.

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    Memebers Activities

    in this are you can give your vip members many facilites like watch viedos and images and read contents or download that normal visitors can not do it. so you can charge your memebers or force normal visitors to register online to get more.

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    Content Managment System

    content managment system let to admin of site change add, remove or change all contents, menu, submenu , images, videos. how ever it's depends to your order what type of CMS you are looking for so w will customize it fo you.

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    Billing & Service

    With billing system you will have a accounting online and system will send to your customer their bill information, they can add product and system will count and confirm so customer will receive bill and can pay it online.

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    Online Shopping

    you can sell your product on a webite it can be internation and pay by all corencies also visitors can see your promotions and receive email about your latest products.

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    Credit Card Gateway

    no need to deal cash more. just ask your customers to pay online so you can manage them very easy include your accounting system.

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